About the Westmead Research Hub

The Vision of the Hub is to be a world-leading health and medical research precinct enhancing our community’s health and prosperity.

The Hub seeks to encourage collaboration, sharing of equipment and knowledge, and foster education among its members and affiliates in order to grow the Hub as a world-leader in health and medical research.

Our Operating Principles include:
  • Collaboration – Hub Partners will oversee and facilitate the operation and development of the Hub by encouraging collaboration and joint planning, acquisition and utilisation of high technology equipment or other shared services;
  • Core Facilities – Hub Partners will oversee the acquisition, operation and development of Core Facilities;
  • Translational Research – the Hub will facilitate translational research between the medical research institutes, universities and teaching hospitals comprising the Hub Partners and Affiliates;
  • Culture – the Hub will foster an innovative and entrepreneurial culture and implement a management system that proactively pursues new research, university, government and industry partnerships for the promotion of sustainable research excellence;
  • Talent – the Hub will pursue and adopt systematic and innovative approaches to attracting and retaining top research scientists to the region and providing enhanced research careers for young scientists and biotechnologists.
Watch the video below to learn more about the potential of the Westmead Research Hub!