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1st - What will happen when we get there?

Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation (SKAI) pack. The age utilises a unique, innovative and evidence-based vaccination communication system and a corresponding package of resources, to support and improve conversations between parents/carers and health care providers about childhood vaccination.    The SKAI system consists broadly of two key components.  Parent resources that provide easily accessible, plain language, current, evidence-based information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent, and health professionals’ resources designed to help them present accurate vaccination information at the right time, in the right amount, and present it in the right way for individual parents.  There is also a corresponding, instructional e-Learning module to assist health professionals in acquiring the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to effectively utilise the two SKAI platforms (websites with embedded Factsheets). We are submitting here one of the video explainers that is part of the parent resource platform.  You will note the supportive, trusted peer voice and brand that is SKAI.  The product is a team collaboration of many skilled and visionary experts.  It has benefited from user testing and consultation, and is an exciting innovation we believe will make a significant difference in practice, for both healthcare providers and parents.

Penny Haora - National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, Kids Research

2nd - This is Us: Red Lab Coat Day 2018

Each year, our group takes part in Red Lab Coat Day to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Research. This year we came together to make this excerpt that exhibits the passion we have for our research through some poorly executed dance moves.

Joseph Angelo Lopez - Kids Research

3rd - Breast Cancer Awareness

I captured the film on DSLR. Breast cancer tests often used in the US to circumvent unnecessary chemotherapy usage requires funding to be brought to Australia. I love the emotional impact the video can have on a person  

Victor Wan

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This is one of my dedicated beloved mice. I love them all because without them I couldn't accomplish my research. I dedicated my thesis to them and I hope in near future we can use the knowledge to help humans and animals suffering from obesity and metabolic disorders. 

Mojgan Nazari​ - Westmead Institute for Medical Research

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