This introductory meditation course held at WIMR is designed for people who have never meditated before, however people who already know how to meditate will also find it useful. We will provide a thorough grounding in two approaches to meditation; mindfulness and the cultivation of positive emotion through three meditation practices. This is available for ALL staff and students of the Westmead Research Hub partners.

Meditation at Westmead

Regular mediation classes are run at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR). These classes are available to anybody working at the Westmead precinct and are supported by the Human Resources departments of all Westmead Research HUB partners to promote staff wellbeing. These classes are not considered part of paid work time and all participants should make sure their manger/supervisor is aware that they are attending these classes.
We teach two meditation approaches; the cultivation of mindfulness and the cultivation of positive emotion, using two meditation practices.

Mindfulness of Breathing

In this practice one learns to cultivate mindfulness towards the breath. It can have an effect of calming the mind and one also learns how to find contentment in the present moment. If practiced regularly it can also have a powerful integrating effect on the mind leading to less inner conflict.

Cultivating positive emotion

This is done through a meditation practice called ‘the Mettā Bhāvanā’. In this practice one actively cultivates positive states of mind such as kindness, friendliness, compassion, joy in the happiness of others and equanimity. One learns to actively work on habitual negative thinking patterns, leading to a more positive self-image and learning to dwell in more positive states of mind. It also helps to dissolve the barrier between ‘self and other’ and one learns to relate to other people on the basis of their common humanity. This has a very beneficial effect both to oneself and to the world.


We run the following classes which are all held in the WIMR Level 2 Video Conference Room (C2.31) situated near reception:

1.Introductory meditation course

Every February we run a 10 week meditation course which provides a thorough grounding in how to meditate andwe learn both meditation practices. This course is designed for people who have never mediated before but is alsouseful for those with some meditation experience.

2.Meditation with limited guidance (Monday’s midday -12.45pm)

This is for people who have learnt to meditate and little or no guidance is offered. We usually meditate for 30-40minutes and often incorporate Zen poetry and inspirational readings.

3.Guided meditation around a theme (Wednesday’s midday - 1pm)

This includes a 20 minutes presentation or discussion on a meditation theme followed by a guided meditation andthen some time for questions. We often have an invited Buddhist meditation teachers to teach this class.

4.Meditation and Study/Discussion (Friday’s 11am - midday)

This is for people are interested in exploring meditation themes in more depth. It is usually within a Buddhistcontext. We meditate for 30 minutes and then read and discuss a book. People are welcome to leave after themeditation. You do not need to be a Buddhist (or even want to be one) to attend this session.

Books read:

2016: Living with Kindness by Sangharakshita
2017: Living with Awareness by Sangharakshita

Please contact Andrew Harman ( if you wish to attend any of these classes.