Westmead Career Paths Program

The Westmead Career Paths Program (WCPP) is a new initiative at the University of Sydney Westmead Campus, run in the framework of the Westmead Hub Early Career Research (ECR) Committee.

The program is organised as series of talks (2 talks per session, 30 min each), targeted at early career researchers who are typically at the final years of their PhD or in their post-doctoral training for up to 10 years post PhD award date and mainly with a background in biomedical research.

The program aims to invite successful representatives from a variety of career options for graduates of biomedicine, separate from conventional academic/research careers.

With the talks, we aim to enlighten the ECRs’ minds about these options, with some personal stories from the speakers on how they pursued their path into their current profession, the nature of each career option/job, and advice for the ECRs on how to proactively tailor their CV and experience along the way to suit these positions. 

For details about the upcoming sessions and suggestions for the future sessions, please contact the convener: 

Dr. Naisana Seyedasli (