About Us

The Westmead Research Precinct is home to over 30 bioinformaticians and computational biologists at various career stages working on a wide range medically focused problems from tracking infectious diseases to understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer. Due to the broad scientific priorities of the Hub we have experience in a number of high-throughput technologies including mass-spectrometry, sequencing and imaging. 

The Westmead Hub Bioinformatics Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee supports the interests of the bioinformatics community in Westmead. Our priorities are to: 

  1. Support internationally competitive informatics research – Increase analytic capacity, capability and community at Westmead, Facilitate access to appropriate computational power, international conferences/workshops, mentorship. 
  2. Facilitate innovation – Create a culture of innovation, developing or applying the newest cutting-edge technologies and analysis techniques to answer important and complex biological questions.  
  3. Attract talent and build community – To draw in high quality quantitative undergrads, postgrads, postdocs, ECRs 
  4. Promote Westmead Precinct – Westmead should be known for its strong bioinformatics capabilities within the hub, Sydney, Australia and internationally.  
  5. Develop, coordinate and support cross-disciplinary networks 
  6. Our aim is to create a Bioinformatics landscape at Westmead that is:
    • Accessible – Creating clear channels for matchmaking collaboration and steering researchers towards appropriate education and resources.  
    • Supportive – Facilitating access to appropriate computational power, international conferences/workshops, mentorship. 
    • Training – Improving access to training resources, workshops and local educational seminars. 
    • Integrated – Improving integration of bioinformaticians into both domain specific labs and the wider analytic community. Integrate Westmead’s efforts with those of the broader university community. 
    • Coordinated – The efforts of all hub partners should be coordinated to avoid mixed messaging and duplication. 

The Committee 

  • Dinny Graham (WIMR)
  • Ellis Patrick (WIMR, Committee Chair)
  • Erdahl Teber (CMRI)
  • Himanshu Joshi (KR)
  • James Linton (Westmead Research Hub)
  • John-Sebastian Eden (WIMR)
  • Rosemarie Sadsad (The University of Sydney, SIH) 
  • Qing Zhong (CMRI)
  • Vitali Sintchenko (ICPMR)